Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Elections are here...

Well, it's an exciting time as the General Elections are on. Will Brown still be PM, albeit an elected one this time? Or, will David Cameron be the new Tory PM? Or, will Nick Clegg astound us all and become the 1st LibDem PM? Or, will the electorate give the finger to all the parties and get a hung parliment?? As for me, I do not want to see Gordon Brown at 10, Downing Street with his coterie of Mandelson and the Miliband Bros. GB has totally screwed the economy and brought in so many stealth taxes that it makes my head spin. NC may give some good rhetoric but, I don't think he has the capability to lead this country out of the doldrums it currently is in. So, that leaves us with DC..... He seems promising enough but I guess, the rest of the country must agree with me before he becomes the PM. One thing is for sure, though. Labour usually leads the country into some kind of crisis for the Tories to clean up. The Tories then lose to Labour and again the whole cycle starts again.

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