Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who am I?

Who am I? This question often bugs me.. The persona I have taken is that of a Tamil Singaporean girl living in London. Yet, I do not fully feel as part of any of that identity. Sometimes, it seems as though I am part of 2 things at the same time and also apart. There are times when I envy people who view the world as black and white. Because, let me say this, the World in grey is one heck of an confusing place....

I am a Singaporean but my mom is Indian. So, my upbringing has a huge flavour of India. I am Asian but I live in Europe and am also influenced by it. So, who am I really? I can't state I am so and so with certainty if I wished to be truthful... People confuse themselves of who I am. :) I can't help them be clear when I am in the same boat.. Lol.

Oh well, at least I am happy that I am Shankaree. Unique, always. An enigma, certainly. A quest?  Hmm, I am not sure...;P

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random thoughts

A lazy Sunday morning... Listening to some lovely Carnatic music. How many ragas there are and how many talas.. All rise from the basic 7 notes, Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Tha, Ni. Just like Life. All Life rises from a few select elements. Yet, what diversity?! God is a wonderful composer. :)