Monday, October 04, 2010

Just my musings....

It was a really beautiful day today and that got me thinking. Beauty..... what an amazing thing!! Beauty uplifts your soul. It does not need to be always benign. :) But, it is soothing and sometimes invigorating. Even Death can be beautiful as Life is. Why do we need Beauty in our life? It is almost a biological need, to have Beauty in some sense, in our lives. Without Beauty, even if all biological needs were met, Life would be without pleasure. So, the question remains..... Why is Beauty so important? Why is one person's idea of Beauty, another's horror or distaste? Is there something in this world that is consistently perceived as Beauty by all people? Or is Beauty like God?? ;P

Friday, May 07, 2010


Well, it is official. The UK has an hung parliment. Although the Tories have made huge gains, they do not have majority.Nick Clegg, whose party wasn't able to capitalise on 'Cleggmania', is in the position of kingmaker. Shameless Gordon Brown has holed up in Number 10 and sending love messages to Clegg. Clegg has endorsed David Cameron's right to form government. The latest news is that both the Tory leader and Lib Dem leader are in talks.
This has to be one of the most exciting elections ever. We've had televised debates, postal fraud, voters being turned away and lack of ballot papers. But the core issue still remains. We still need a stable government to steer us through these trying times. So, I hope both Cameron and Clegg put the country above their parties and personal egos. As for Brown, GET OUT!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Elections are here...

Well, it's an exciting time as the General Elections are on. Will Brown still be PM, albeit an elected one this time? Or, will David Cameron be the new Tory PM? Or, will Nick Clegg astound us all and become the 1st LibDem PM? Or, will the electorate give the finger to all the parties and get a hung parliment?? As for me, I do not want to see Gordon Brown at 10, Downing Street with his coterie of Mandelson and the Miliband Bros. GB has totally screwed the economy and brought in so many stealth taxes that it makes my head spin. NC may give some good rhetoric but, I don't think he has the capability to lead this country out of the doldrums it currently is in. So, that leaves us with DC..... He seems promising enough but I guess, the rest of the country must agree with me before he becomes the PM. One thing is for sure, though. Labour usually leads the country into some kind of crisis for the Tories to clean up. The Tories then lose to Labour and again the whole cycle starts again.