Monday, October 24, 2011

Random thoughts

Right now, I am at work... but, felt the need to share my thoughts... Ha ha. They are not lofty thoughts... Mundane, perhaps but still mine. It is a beautiful, sunny day out there but I am stuck here, inside. I do love the sun, especially during the colder months. When I walk outside, I love to show my face to the sun. When the rays hit my face, it always seems as though the Sun God is caressing my face with His golden fingers. When the sun starts to become stronger during spring, it seems as though the sunshine is thawing my frozen blood. At those times, I really identify with the Earth.

So... The Sun... That bright, golden orb in the sky...  It rules our lives so much. Sometimes, a welcome guest. At others, especially the summer months in India, an unwelcome one. :P Makes me wonder, when the Sun dies... will there be anyone to mourn its demise?